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Howdy there! If reading the quick punch tidbits wasnt' enough then let me enlighten you as to what this blog is about. Very much a slice of life and nightlife blog with my current ventures through haute fashion both western and foreign. I'm a Mass Media Communications Major and Theatre minor aspiring to be a jack of all trades in the SFX and costuming world. I enjoy conventions, tradeshows, spontaneous travel, raves (underground and mainstream), practicing languages, and just being a nerd. Nerd in the sense of background work in films, comics, computer software, fandoms, art, gaming and costuming. I think that covers it. Oh wait, some alternative lifestyle stuff so ...NSFW, but tasteful.
Temp’ing too hard

So, my 90 day contract is up tomorrow.
My super has instructed that I continue to show up till the Higher ups say otherwise.

Good News: I still a job. …. thing
Bad News: No idea when it ends. Still hustling people for late car payments.

Good News: I can go back to Tai Chi

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